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I have 5 brothers of my own, but have 4 closer ones on Tigs side. Jesse, John, Gary and then there was my big brother Larry. After Tig and I got married, Larry took the big brother role and was always there to give me advice. I always new he loved me even when him and I were disagreeing. One of my greatest memories, and one I will always cherish, was a few years ago on the Kings River. Tig, Larry and I were fishing and the white bass were really biting. We all sat in the boat together around one in the morning and just talked and laughed. Secretly, Larry and I were competing against each other trying to see who could catch the most white bass. We fished several times on the Kings together and it will never be the same knowing that my big brother won’t be there to fish with. I have many many many more great memories of my brother Larry. I love you Larry!
— Karen Martin
The first time I met Larry was during my last year of high-school. I was invited by his angelic daughter to watch a movie. When I walked in the door our old friend Delilah, in her warm and inviting hospitality, came to greet me. She was loving and calm, perhaps she knew we would have a long and beautiful relationship in the future. At any rate, I had yet to take two steps in the kitchen, whereupon I hear a man cry out, “get his wiener! Get his wiener!” It was Larry of course, my future father-in-law, walking into the kitchen, not only continuing to request Delilah to attack my “wiener,” but he was also pointing (at my crotch mind you) so it was completely clear, I suppose, as to his heart’s content. Larry was quite protective of Allie; he was protective of his family. I came to realize there was nothing that he treasured more. I was fortunate enough to eventually arrive under that protection; to be a part of his family. Larry taught me many things, but by his example I learned to value my family most of all. I loved spending time with him, he seemed to spring a little silly out for me each time we were together. I still feel him close with Allie and I, and if I may, he is still close with all of his family.
— Jordan Bridges