Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. In lieu of flowers, we ask that you please consider donating to the public-spirited, not-for-profit organization Larry worked so passionately for, the James River Basin Partnership (JRBP).


James River


Basin Partnership

JRBP is a grass-roots organization that works to improve and protect the water quality of the springs, streams, rivers, and lakes in the James River watershed.


Even as a young boy, our dad was always drawn to the beauty and tranquility of Missouri’s natural waterways. When we were children, our father took us floating and taught us the trees and natural grasses that lined the banks, the species of crawdads and bass that swam in the rivers, and the importance of keeping our water sources clean and safe.



When Larry found a group of citizens who cared as much about the James River as he did, he joined them by volunteered for the JRBP. In 2003, Larry joined the JRBP Board of Directors. From 2012 to 2015 he served as the Board President.

In this picture, Larry is joined on the River Rescue by his daughter and son-in-law.


As president, one of Larry’s most treasured events was the annual “River Rescue.” He poured himself into this event year after year. River Rescue has evolved over the years, growing to include a beer, brat, and bluegrass festival following the clean-up efforts now known as River Jam.Most recently, River Rescue has incorporated a successful fundraising dinner, the “Sunset Soirée,” held on the Finley River bridge.  Many of the JRBP traditions and events are possible today because of Larry’s passion for, and diligent efforts towards, the protection and betterment of local water sources.


With help from Larry and all the other motivated volunteers, in the last three years the JRBP has pulled over 38,000 pounds of trash and recyclables from our local rivers. Larry understood the importance of water quality and conservation, and recognized one of the most difficult parts of this commitment was the fundraising for this annual river clean-up/River Rescue. In memory of our dad, we have worked with JRBP to set up a memorial fund that will directly benefit JRBP’s River Rescue each year.  Through this, Larry will forever be a part of his favorite organization and his favorite event, the River Rescue. Please take a moment to consider making a monetary donation and/or volunteering at the next JRBP event in order to continue his legacy of improving water quality and conservation in the Ozarks for generations to come.


Donate to Larry's River Rescue Memorial Fund

If you would like to make a more sizable, tax deductible donation to JRBP, please email us at